Teradek Color Cine

This is a “reprint” from the April edition of FDTimes.

COLR CINE is a new version of Teradek COLR.

Teradek COLR is a wireless LUT box, HDMI/SDI cross-converter, and camera controller in one palm-sized box. COLR coordinates with Pomfort LiveGrade, letting DITs control looks via WiFi, Ethernet or USB. COLR works with almost every camera. ALEXA RAW or LOG footage can be monitored with the Look applied in real time. COLR is FoolControl capable for RED cameras and other Ethernet enabled cameras like ALEXA and CION. COLR is fitted with HDMI in/out and SDI in/out connections.

Teradek COLR CINE adds another set of outputs, so you can send both  a clean and a LUT-applied output to the appropriate places on set. In the example above, the COLR CINE is sitting on top of an ALEXA SXT recording Log C ProRes. Log C video goes into COLR CINE, the predetermined LUT is applied, and COLR CINE can output one SDI feed with Look applied to the DP’s onboard monitor. A clean SDI feed is simultaneously sent wirelessly via Teradek Bolt or Paralinx Tomahawk to the DIT. The DIT can then make final tweaks and send the graded image to the Director, Video Village, and the rest of the on-set monitors.

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