FDTimes 10th Anniversary Slideshow

What began as a small gathering to honor our FDTimes Japan translators escalated into a major spectacle. We gathered on on Wednesday evening, November 18 in the “Tokio” private restaurant in the Hotel New Otani Makuhari at InterBEE. It was a trio of thanks:  to team FDTJ for another great Japanese InterBEE edition, to FDTJ on its 2nd anniversary, and to everyone who has made FDT possible for 10 great years.

FDTJ began a year ago here at InterBEE. Since then, we’e done 3 Japanese language editions. The 3 Shoguns who made it possible are Arato Ogura, Yas Mitsuwa, and Yasu Mikami. Number 1 Ninja Event Planner was Masako Misaki.

The 7 Samurai — actually 8 or 9–translators were Mr. Ogura, Mitsuwa, Mikami, Kunii, Tsukada,  Niwa, Nakanishi, and Ms. Sato.

Capi di Tutti Capi of our sponsors arrived to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Film and Digital Times worldwide. It began when most of us were mostly shooting Film. Over those 10 years, we’ve seen a major shift to digital. Film was the medium. Now it’s the process: as in filming a movie and filmmaking and film festivals.

It is fitting that we celebrated a decade of FDTimes in Japan, which is such an important market, with 600 features shot a year, and thousands of commercials. It’s been a vibrant industry since Katsutaro Inabata, who was a classmate of Auguste Lumber in France, brought a Cinematographe to Tokyo in 1897 — along with a French camera operator.


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