Worth the Trip

As they say in the Michelin guidebooks, it’s definitely “worth the trip.”

There are three very good reasons to visit Weiden, Germany:

1. Have dinner nearby, in the best restaurant in Germany. This opinion is shared by Otto Nemenz, Alexander Bscheidl, and other respected filmmaker-foodies. Kastell is a Michelin 2-star delight in nearby Burg Wernberg. Chef Thomas Kellermann is a maestro. He presides over a kitchen surely staffed by muses.


Thomas Kellerman, 2-Michelin star chef of Kastell

2. Spend the night in recently renovated rooms above the restaurant, in the Relais & Chateau Burg Wernberg. The castle was built in 1280.


Castle Burg Wernberg

3. Visit Vantage Film, ten minutes away, home of Hawk lenses and mother-ship of world-class rental houses in Weiden, Prague, Paris, and Berlin.


Chef Thomas Kellermann, center, and Vantage Film’s Wolfgang Baumler, Alexander Schwarz, Peter Martin, Jim Bouchie

Perhaps the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) around Weiden is inhabited by perfectionists. The rental and manufacturing facilities of Vantage Film are immaculate, impeccable, and architecturally superb. Tour of Vantage article coming up soon.

Thomas Kellermann’s Kastell restaurant has a similar visual style: white walls and white tablecloths punctuated by brushstrokes of wildly imaginative culinary creations. Ordering  a nine-course tasting menu at many lesser establishments can doom diners to an ordeal of glacially paced service and explanations of presentations that might have been dreamed up by a fledgling copywriter. Not here. A parade of plates arrive with the precision of a well-AD’d film production and the grace of a ballet, accompanied by an inspirational wine pairing.


Crab salad atop tofu, lettuce and vegetables.


Juxtaposition of creamy and caramelized dates with mirin and coriander. Paired with Gruener Veltliner Reserve 2013.


Langoustine over pumpkin purée, with Riesling “Doosberg” Rheingau 2012.


Bouillabaisse with spiced turnip, cabbage, and yellow fin tuna.


Porcini mushrooms with pistachio nuts and goat cheese – with Condrieu 2012


Beetroot with champagne vinaigrette with radishes and pork belly – paired with a dry Zweigelt 2013


Saddle of venison with plum and macadamia nut muesli – with a Fontalpino Do Ut Des 2010 from Tuscany


Dessert of liquid and crunchy chocolates, with kiwi fruit and ginger foam – paired with a Zweigelt 2012 Beerenauslese (late harvest wine).






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