High Noon at Cannes with CST

The CST (Commission superieure technique de l’image et du son) supervises the technical details and projection at Cannes. They also host noon time presentations by manufacturers. Today, CST hosted AFFECT (Association des Fabricants Francais d’Equipments Cinematographiques de Tournage.) Ah acronyms. AFFECT is an affiliation of Aaton, Angenieux, K5600, and Transvideo to promote and help represent their products, especially at trade shows at home and abroad. Jacques Delacoux, President of Aaton Digital and Transvideo, heads AFFECT. Their equipment was on display for hand-on demos.

CST President Pierre-William Glenn, AFC made the introductions and welcomed the assembled group of directors, cinematographers, producers, and filmmakers. Jacques Delacoux said the new Aaton Cantar X3 audio recorder is shipping and production is ramping up. Transvideo’s new touchscreen monitors to control the new Alexa Mini will be distributed by ARRI.

For Pierre Andurand, President of Angenieux, this was a warm-up to the big event coming the next day: presentation of the Pierre Angenieux Lifetime Achievement Award for Cinematography to Rogers Deakins, ASC, BSC.


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