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ARRI released new Updates for Alexa and Amira. A wave of additional news is expected soon.
ALEXA SUP 11.0 with ProRes 3.2K 

Software Update Packet (SUP) 11.0 for Alexa is now ready for download.

Alexa’s 11th software update includes ProRes 3.2K recording and ADA-5 (enhanced debayering for improved image quality).

ProRes 3.2K is available for Alexa XT and Classic cameras with the XR Module upgrade. It uses a larger 3.2K picture area of the Alexa sensor and can still be covered by most Super 35 PL mount lenses. Data rates are far less than uncompressed ARRIRAW. You can up-sample Alexa ProRes 3.2K in post to 4K/UHD if desired.

SUP 11.0 lets all Alexa cameras work with  all generations of SxS PRO+ cards, and XT/XR cameras now accept SanDisk CFast 2.0 128 GB cards.

SUP 11.0 supports ARRI’s new Lens Data Encoder LDE-1 and new features of the WCU-4 wireless hand unit.

There’s also improved web remote control, refined user buttons, and the ability to save frame line and time zone information in the camera metadata.

Alexa XT/XR cameras will now record a checksum with each ARRIRAW frame. This helps verify data integrity, making it safer and faster to copy/clone. The latest version of Codex software must be used to read SUP 11.0 ARRIRAW files.

ADA-5 provides clearer and sharper images and smoother, cleaner edges — especially in high-contrast details (like thin branches against a blue sky), which will exhibit. ADA-5 also further reduces noise in the red and blue channels, which helps bluescreen VFX. ADA-5 has been available through the ARRIRAW Converter since ARC 3.1 and as part of the ARRIRAW Software Developer’s Kit (SDK); it has also been used in the AMIRA camera since AMIRA SUP 1.1.





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  1. Rob Stiff says:

    Playback of the last recorded clip can now be controlled by the WCU-4 for the Alexa XT Plus & XT Studio. You can select playback of the beginning of the clip or the end of the clip; great to have this new wireless control feature on set.