Rune Ericson 1924-2015


Rune Ericson, FSF passed away, age 90, while on vacation in Thailand.

Father of Super 16 and 3-perf, he was a cinematographer, inventor, distributor, and fellow sailor.

Article in FDTimes: The Early Years of Super 16 and How it All Started

Notice on Swedish Society of Cinematographers website

Lars Pettersson, FSF, writes,

“Rune was also a small aircraft pilot, scuba diver, guitarist, pianist, a quite capable singer, and he also painted in oil–very well!

“My colleague Roland Sterner, FSF and I conducted an interview with Rune in November last year and would then never have imagined receiving this terrible news so soon afterwards.

“As Rune’s contributions to both Swedish cinema and indeed the international film industry itself spans over more than half a century, encompasses over 60 feature films, including numerous cherished audience favourites,  as well as launching the Super 16 format, championing the 3-perf 35mm format, being the CEO of a film lab, the Scandinavian representative of Panavision, Aaton and Cooke among others, and indeed receiving an Academy Award for his achievements(!) — they are somewhat beyond words.

“Our thoughts and feelings are with his family at this time.”

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  1. So passes a quiet titan. He certainly affected my life and those of many of my colleagues.
    Thanks for everything, Rune Ericson !

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