EMIT at Micro Salon 2015

It’s Micro Salon time again in Paris. The 15th annual expo, screening and seminars takes place in La Fémis film school, formerly the Pathé Montmartre Studios.

Emit is a major distributor of interesting products. Once again, the Emit booth will have lots of new products, and the Emit team and their manufacturing partners will be on hand for hands-on demos and explanations.

The new Motorized Slider by Ronford Baker was first seen as a prototype at Cinec. The RB sliders are already known for their precision, smoothness and reliability–and they come in all kinds of lengths. It is now possible to motorize them. This unit will give you programmable soft stops with adjustable feathering of both starts and stops. It will be able to reach a maximum speed of 1 ft/sec with a Max Load of 70 kg. It can work up to a distance of 100 meters and is also can move vertically.

The Gizmo Remote Head from A&C comes with new Gyro Assist modules. It is designed for  Film or TV cameras, providing impressive performance even at incredibly low speeds. You can adjust the Tilt balance. The GIZMO 100 has also Pan balance adjustment.

The unique ball bearing gimbal Maxima MX30 for cameras  up to 30 kg come from Betz Tools and FomaSystems. It works while riding, walking, driving or docked on a tripod. This gimbal stabilizes electronically all  3 axes (tilt, pan and roll).

This is the premiere of Chrosziel’s new MB 565 Cine 1 Mattebox. It was developed as “one mattebox system for multiple configurations”. The new MB 565 CINE1 Swing Away is a Mattebox for 19 mm/15 mm rods ( with 1 to 3 Filterholders) that can easily be transformed into single Lighweight Clip-On. The version on rods has a Swing Away Bracket that is adjustable H / V +/- 5mm with a Tilt function to reduce reflections. Its 150 diameter rear and wide-angle housing work with a large number of lenses.

Panther’s new innovative Precision Leveling Tracks will save an incredible amount of time on set thanks to their integrated leveling system. Various telescopic tubes offer you many variable leveling possibilities from 0 cm up to 67 cm / 26.4″.

The Swedish “Touch” is a new Gimbal Rig Easyrig Vest with the Serene Arm and the Puppeteer. These complementary accessories help to stabilize cameras with an incredible simplicity. It works nicely with DJI Ronin or Movi anord Flowcine.

Cooke will show their entire line of Anamorphic/i lenses.

Also featured at the EMIT booth:

The latest range of accessories for the Starlite HD Transvideo monitor.

The Cmotion Pan Bar Zoom Control. 

The new PAGLINK HC-PL94 Battery Gold Mount.

The Micro Salon is always full of interesting people and equipment and this edition will not be an exception!


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