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November 1614. The two-year Siege of Osaka began. The Tokugawa shogun ended the last opposition to rule from Tokyo.

November 2014. A 400th anniversary celebration in Osaka, with Samurai museums, tours of the castle, concert by Aiko, and the launch of Film and Digital Times Japan.

It began with requests for Japanese translations of various FDTimes articles. Next, Mr. Arato Ogura suggested a Japanese Edition for InterBEE, along the lines of the French edition for Micro Salon. Many volunteers came forward to help with the difficult task of translating and formatting.

This first edition of FDTJ is an experiment. It was not democratic. It was first come – first served. You got in if you could do a translation of recent FDTimes articles in time. Several thousand copies have been printed by NAC to distribute at InterBEE. The PDF is available online for free. A new Japanese language landing page is now online: fdtimes.com/japanese

If popular, we’ll continue with future editions and will endeavor to be all-inclusive with many more companies and products represented.

My thanks to the following founding members of the FDTJ volunteer team: Team Captain Arato Ogura, Yasuaki Mitsuwa, Yasuhika Mikami, Abe Tomonori, Masako Misaki, Shuji Nagata, Seiji Nakajima, and many more.


François Caron (1600–1673) was Director-General of the Dutch East India Company in Batavia (Jakarta) and one of the early Europeans to visit Japan. This illustration is from his book: “The Burning of Osaka Castle.”

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