ZEISS Distributor Event 2014


The ZEISS 2014 Distributor Event was held yesterday evening at the stellar Schloss Bensberg grand hotel and Michelin 3-star restaurant.

Before we get to the main event, a Food and Drink Times digression is in order. The following headline appeared in today’s International New York Times, sounding like something we might have written: “Over a Michelin-starred dinner of Scottish venison and red Burgundy in February 2012, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain outlined his strategy for defeating a Scottish independence referendum.”

As NYTimes goes, so does FDTimes.

Over a Michelin-starred dinner of Filet of Beef, Rioja  and Riesling, ZEISS Senior Vice President and General Manager Dr. Winfried Scherle welcomed distributors from more than 35 countries around the world.

The wines included sparkling Sekt, a 2011 Reinschiefer Riesling from Schaetzel vineyard  (hints of peach), and a 2009 Rioja Crianzo DOC Bodegas Sierra Cantabria. The dinner began with a chestnut cream soup containing mature port, topped with crostini of rilette, cinammon and lardo. The filet of beef was coated with roasted almonds, lightly flavored with red wine butter, accompanied by cauliflower mousseline, romanesco and potato slice.

A wedding-worthy dessert buffet followed, with cheeses, fresh fruits, amazing tiramisu, panna cotta, crème brulé with torrone, olive oil and chocolate mousse, and chocolate frittate with limoncello sauce.

After some great Motown music and wild and crazy dancing (pictures currently being checked for improper exposure :) ZEISS Sales Director Michael Schiehlen announced the coveted Distributor of the Year. And the winner was Saeki of Korea.


L-R: Michael Schiehlen, Eun Mi Lee, Dai Ho Lee, WInfried Scherle

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