ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom 9.5-18 mm



More details on ARRI’s UWZ 9.5-18 mm T2.9 Ultra Wide Zoom. But first some thoughts on where it might be used, and on what kind of scenes: underwater, aerials, POVs from trains, planes, automobiles. The 8R is a wonderful lens, but sometimes we have the irresistible urge to zoom in slightly or change focal length during the shot–especially when the lens is mounted in a rig or remote. VFX and plate shots. A low angle gliding shot looking forward if anyone is thinking of a sequel, “Son of The Shining.” “Here’s UWZ!”

  • Image circle of 34.5 mm
  • Very low image distortion even at 9.5mm
  • Distortion less than 1% at 9.5 mm and less than 0.1% at 18 mm (straight lines stay straight) Due to a new multi
  • Telecentric optical design – uniform field illumination, no shading or vignetting
  • Almost no image breathing
  • Entrance pupil position stays constant over the entire zoom range
  • LDS for lens metadata
  • Matches other ARRI/Fujinon or ARRI/ZEISS Lenses
  • Available in ARRI PL LDS or Canon EF mount
  • Lens Mount                                                               PL-LDS or Canon EF
  • Aperture
  • Focal length                                                              9.5-18mm
  • Close Focus                                                               0.55m/1.8ft from image sensor
  • Mechanical length                                                   352.6mm/13.9in
  • Front Diameter                                                        156mm or 134mm
  • Max. diameter excluding front and gear:             112mm
  • Weight                                                                       4.8kg/10.6lb

The UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9 will be delivered with a detachable lens support, zoom lever and interchangeable EF mount. Meter and Feet scales are integrated in the lens barrel.

Expected to ship in May 2014. Price around 38,000 Euros.






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