Look: Cooke NYC Test

New York Test of Cooke Anamorphics now on Vimeo.

Presented by Handheld Films, Cooke Optics, Goldcrest Post Production

Director/Cameraman Jon Fauer, ASC
Line Producer Marc Paturet
First Camera Assistant Timothée Arene
Second Camera Assistant Shaun Malkovich
Gaffer Jackson Lorentz
Grip Joe Janasiewicz

Camera, Lighting and Studio Hand Held Films NYC
Captured with ARRI Alexa Studio
Data ARRIRAW on Codex Onboard
Lenses Cooke Anamorphic/i 32, 40, 50, 75 mm T2.3

Lead Yogini Alison Cramer
Yogini #2 Stéphanie Landouer
Yogini #3 Essence Wall

Finishing Goldcrest Post Production NYC
Supervisor Tim Spitzer
Editor Ricardo Madan
Colorist John Dowdell

Original Score
Music Toby Harting

Special Thanks
Nick Quested, Ellison Santos, Les Zellan, Matthew Jaker, Li Yan Ping Zhu


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3 Responses:

  1. Rob Stiff says:

    I appreciate the new Cooke Anamorphic Lenses’ more controlled flares!

  2. Guillaume says:

    Are the lens flare consistent from one lens to another? Looks like they have a different color and shape on the 40mm and the 75mm.
    I’m surprised to see this strong pincushion distortion instead of a barrel. I was expecting a better performance in terms of distortion

  3. very strange the verticals of the wider lenses bend inwards ???