32 New Hawk Anamorphics


Things have been too quiet at Vantage. With all the recent news of new anamorphic lenses from A through Z (Angenieux, Cooke, Scorpio, ZEISS/ARRI) – the company in Weiden building Hawk anamorphics for the past 20 years has been uncharacteristically silent.

Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler, above, were smiling in Paris at Micro Salon a couple of months ago, but not saying anything.

Now we know why. Credible sources have confirmed with FDTimes (and Vantage continued smiling) that a massive launch of 32 totally new models of Hawk anamorphic lenses, in two sets, will be announced sometime this year. These two new sets are expected to include front anamorphic zooms, macros, and teles – intended for major motion picture productions that need many choices of focal lengths, apertures, and sizes.  As with previous Hawks, the new sets are designed and built by the same team in Weiden, Germany, and will have similar 2x anamorphic characteristics. Most of the sets will be rented through Vantage Film and their partners.



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