OConnor’s Killer Donuts

FDTimes-DSC00862-OConnor-DonutKiller Donuts? No, Thye’re not the latest lethal offering from craft service. OConnor’s new anti-reflection rings (donuts) were two of the most simple-why-didn’t anyone-think-of-them-before innovative products of NAB. Prototypes were seen at Cinec and Cine Gear — now they are ready to reduce reflections between the back of your mattebox filters and the front of the lens.

OConnor’s Killa Donuts, designed by Christophe Bruggaier and Joel Johnson, snap into the rear of your mattebox. Most donuts have been made of neoprene that binds, black paper tape that tears, awkward accordion bellows, or medieval velour. The fabric of the Killa Donuts is a a very stretchy, slippery Teflon kind of fabric that easily slips over the lens barrel and doesn’t bind.

OConnor’s Killa Donuts are inexpensive and essential.

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