CP+ 2013 Yokohama

by Dorian Weber

Every photo enthusiast in Japan marks the last day of January in their diary. It is the start of CP+ Photo Show in Yokohama from Jan 31 till Feb 3 – now in its 4th year.

For the many attendees living in Tokyo, the long trip is compensated by what the show has to offer. Aside from hand-on time with the new camera models, trained staff from the camera makers are there to answer any questions. Therefore the queues at those camera corners are very long.

Most of the big camera manufacturers hire pretty models to hand out brochures and pose for those who did not forget to bring their camera. But overall, many visitors were a bit disappointed because nothing really “as hot news to be talked about” was shown.

The presence of video is getting stronger with every show. Sony displayed their new F55 (protected in a Plexiglas cube). Canon showed their C500 fully loaded camera. Canon had at the back of their booth a 4K cinema, which was very popular. Outside, there was a panel showing “The making of…” the movies shown inside.

Sony showed with pride their 4K panels, which attracted lots of people because it was located on the main road of the exhibit, where everybody had to pass.

RED had a booth, and showed their new Monochrome Epic.

Sigma showed a new 30mm 1.4 DC lens. Klaus Eckerl from IBE-Optics showed his HD Adapter and his 40mm F0.85 lens for mirror less cameras at the Kipon Booth which is a maker of camera lens adapters from Shanghai.

Those companies importing video equipment/accessories had a small booth. RED had a second booth there. Sachtler, Libec, and Black Magic were also present.

It was remarkable to learn that KPI (Kenko Professional Imaging), importer of Matthews, Edelkrone, Photoflex, just to mention a few, acquired Komamura Corp. the maker of Horseman Studio Stills Cameras and importer of Rollei Cameras and Schneider Optics.

Sunbounce, a German Maker of Reflector Panels were on display at the Agai booth (importer of Bron color and Kobold Movie Lights).

One thing was notable: no more 3D cameras at the show (compared to previous  years).

The date of the show next year is already marked in my calendar, because I am very interested to see in which direction this show is heading. With camera development moving so fast, one year can change a lot in this business.

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