Canon Cinema EOS Lens Charts

A well-respected rental house manager called today in a huff. And in a hurry. “You announce cameras and lenses that won’t be available for 3 to 6 months. My clients can’t wait. They’re ready to shoot now. I need more lenses.”

Like a new iPhone or iPad, new models are inevitable and inevitably arriving faster,  sooner. Can you afford to wait, or do you need it now?

All four Canon Cinema EOS Zooms and three Cinema EOS Primes are shipping now.

Quick quiz: which zooms cover 31.4 mm diagonal? Do the primes cover Super35 or Full Frame Still?

If you, like me, can’t find these answers quickly, the following comparison charts supplied by Band Pro and Canon should help. I modified some of them slightly in the interest of clarification. Mitch Gross made new charts at AbelCine, and their Master Cine Zoom Chart is online. 

Canon Cinema EOS Lenses

Image diagonals of the Studio Zooms are listed at 27.5 mm, but have been tested to 28.5 mm.

  • The zooms come in PL or Canon EF mount. They cover Super35 format.
  • PL=product name ending in SP.
  • EF=product name ending in S.

The primes only come in Canon EF mount. They cover full frame still format.

  • The 24, 50, and 85 mm are available now.
  • The 14 and 135 mm, introduced at IBC, are in the works.

Overview of Canon Cine Lenses

Detailed comparison chart of Canon Cine Lenses

More info on Canon’s website.


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  1. Rodrigo Lizana says:

    Why the primes are not available in PL mount ?.

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