Light Source Pro

James McGuire is a gaffer with prominent credits (Albert Nobbs, The Tempest, Harry Potter). How he found time to create this amazing App for iPhone is…amazing. Light Source Pro includes a complete library of almost every motion picture light on the planet and gives you footcandles / T-stop and beam spread at calculated distances.

In the example above, we asked the app what lights would give us T2.8 for 640 ISO (EI), 180 degree shutter, at 60 fps, from a distance of 150 feet and with a beam spread of 150 feet.

Clicking on the App’s “Search for Lights” bar suggested a 64.2K or 124.8K Wendy light from Mole, an ARRISUN 120 12K PAR with Flood Lens, 2x 18K ARRI Daylight Fresnels, a Bebee 15 Head Array, and various Luminys Lightning Strikes or Softsuns.

Production should purchase Light Source Pro for every member of the electric department. It will save considerable time and money.  The App will be useful for anyone working in film, television, photography, theater or stage. It is also a terrific tool for film schools and students.

Once upon a time, you could joke that a 5K was a 10K with a double in it. Light Source Pro brings math and photometrics to locations and sets in an intuitive and elegant iPhone  App.


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  1. Cant find the Light Source Pro app in the app store