ARC Adorama Rental Co Launch

Up to now, I wanted to come back as a still photographer if I were reincarnated. I was always jealous how much lighter and smaller the equipment was. Equipment and cases seemed pristine and clean. Studios were often unblemished by our heavy cables and heavy lights–they had sculptural Brieses, unscuffed white floors, and often great windowed lofty views. But that was then. The world has changed. Motion picture cameras are becoming as light, small, and cool as their still camera cousins, as the two worlds collide.

A good example of this convergence was on March 27. Adorama officially entered the motion picture rental world with a very stylish, beautifully organized, impressive digital cinema permiere event/party in the Tribeca Skyline Studios. Adorama has been known for providing still camera equipment to the high-fashion world. But recently, they have been busy buying Alexas, Reds, F65s and all the lenses and accompanying accessories. Adorama Rental Co is now into high-end digital motion picture rentals.

Exotic drinks were chilled through the hollowed-out channel inside a large ice-sculture made by Okamoto of an ARRI Alexa with Alura zoom lens. Food stations doubled as sets. A Sony F65 was appropriately focused on a Sushi bar. ARRI Alexa was trained on artist Samantha Harter, who in turn was painting a picture of the Alexa aimed on her. A cupcake and dessert display was the tabletop set for a RED Epic.  More pictures on the ARC Blog.

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