Canoflex C300

Imagine a Canon C300 on an Arriflex 16SR3 exoskeleton. That’s what Tim Arasheben has created with his new Canoflex C300. Tim is an accomplished Camera Operator, having worked his way up from AC, and now is on the brink of something new with his innovative design and production of a practical, handholdable, accessory-friendly life-support system for Canon’s new C300 camera.

The Canoflex is a beautifully machined and anodized baseplate to which you bolt your C300. Balance is provided by the stackable batteries, mounted aft, running in parallel for continuous 5+ hours operation of your Preston MDR and lens motors, on-board monitor, viewfinder, Cine Tape, and 64 MB Compact Flash Card. An internal DC-DC converter provides stable 8.4 v for the camera and 12 v for the accessories.

Mil Spec BNC Connectors, 18-8 stainless steel 3/8-16 threads with 2-ton load capacity, rounded edges, smooth surfaces–something like this could only have been designed by a working camera crew member who uses this kind of equipment daily. Tim is currently lining up distributors–even though a product like this sells itself.

The Canoflex perfectly balances your C300 in handheld mode: it feels like a lighter, friendlier 16SR with smoother edges. In Studio Mode, it accepts all the standard baseplates, rods, brackets, monitors and supports.

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