Otto as Art

I was walking along Main Street in Santa Monica and jumped when I looked through the window of the Axiom Contemporary Gallery (2801 Main Street) and saw a giant 5′ wide painting of an ARRI 3C with an Otto Nemenz logo. I immediately phoned Otto, who rushed over to provide provenance. The ARRI 3C with 200′ magazine, Juergen Meindardus pivoting finder and video assist has an Otto Crank hand crank mechanism developed about 5 years ago to provide a silent-era look. The 60″ x 40″ OTTO CAMERA painting by James Georgopoulos is a silver gelatin print with acrylic and resin on panel.


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2 Responses:

  1. Robert Starling, SOC says:

    Great find Jon! Sorry I missed you at the Angenieux dinner Saturday night.

  2. Mark, DIrector @ Axiom Contemporary says:

    Wonderful!! Thanks for stopping in Jon and Otto! Great Stuff.