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Mr. Shuichi Yamataka (right)

Mr. Shuichi Yamataka, Senior Operations Manager of the Fujifilm Optical Devices Division retired on June 30. He worked for Fuji Photo Optical (Fujinon) and Fujifilm for more than 35 years. During that time, he took part in major developments of motion picture and television products—particularly lenses.

Mr. Yamataka became an instant friend when I visited the Optical Devices Division in Saitama a mere week before the earthquake and tsunami.

He recently wrote, “I am satisfied with my company life. It was a really exciting time. After retirement, I will first attend to my house and facilities in the countryside which were damaged by the great earthquake in east Japan. Then, I would like to contemplate the design of my life to be a full one.

“I wish the best of luck in all your undertakings. Also I wish you and your family happiness and health.”

We wish the same graceful thoughts for Mr. Yamataka and his family.


Mr. Hideyuki Kasai

On August 29th, Mr. Hideyuki Kasai returned to Japan after a 7 1/2 year stint with Fujifilm Optical Devices in New Jersey.

During his USA stay, Mr. Kasai played an important role in the technical and sales divisions.

Mr. Chikatsu “Mike” Moriya has transferred from Japan to Wayne, NJ. as Engineering Manager to provide support and service for Motion Picture and Broadcast Fujinon lenses.

Mr. Moriya comes from the TV Design Department of Fujifilm Optical Devices at the factory in Saitama, Japan.



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