Update: Sony 18-252 mm Zoom


One of the hits of PhotoPlus Expo was a surprise sneak preview of Sony’s amazing new zoom lens for their PMW-F3 Camera. Shown unofficially and “out of competition” to a few cinematographers, the new 18-252 attracted lots of attention on the show floor. With good reason. This is the first 35mm format zoom that I know of with many of the useful attributes of a smaller format camcorder zoom: manual/auto-focus, internal optical image stabilization, manual/auto iris, manual/servo zoom.



When would you use all these auto controls? Well, imagine doing some of the things we take for granted with small video cameras, only this is a real 35mm format zoom lens. Bouncing around in boat, following action from a helicopter, handheld on the tight end of the lens, shooting sports, car-to-car, bike-to-bike — optical image stabilization can be a huge help.

Photo by Mark Forman: www.screeningroom.com

The lens is lightweight and tiny–yet covers an astounding range: 18mm on the wide end and 252mm on the tight. This is possible because it uses the F3’s FZ mount, which has a shallow flange focal depth of around 18 mm. This is much less than the 52mm depth we’re used to with PL mounts, and the lens has a lot less “heavy lifting” to do. Furthermore, this zoom takes advantage of the FZ mount’s electronic contacts to “talk” to the camera, just like many of the DSLR cameras we are using. (FZ is the name of the propriety Sony F3 mount.)

Sony’s new 18-252 mm zoom lens has been previously previewed as a prototype under glass, but this was the first time we could grab it and go. Which I did, with the F3 on its Chrosziel rig and SR-R1 Recorder nicely balanced aft. Skeptical at first, I was amazed how the image stabilization was able to smooth out my deliberate jumps for joy shooting handheld all the way out at 252 mm. Even the auto focus glided smoothly from one point to another.

Could this be the first 35mm motion picture point and shoot?

Specs of Sony SCL-Z18x140 18-252 mm Zoom:

  • FZ mount (F3 proprietary mount) – 35mm format
  • 18 – 252 mm (14:10 zoom
  • T3.9 (wide end) – T6.8 (tight end)
  • 7 bladed iris
  • filter diameter 82mm (forgot to check if it’s threaded)
  • weight: 2.25 kg
  • dims: 151.5 (w) x 173.5 (d) x 125.6 (h) at wide end
  • 216.1 (d) at tight end — inner barrel extended
  • Auto flange depth back adjustment


To describe this new lens, imagine one of the compact new long-range 35mm auto zoom lenses, like the Nikon 28-300  f/3.5-5.6. The front section telescopes out as you zoom to telephoto. Focus, iris and zoom gears are standard motion picture pitch, and will accommodate standard gears and accessories.  The front focus ring slides forward for Autofocus/Manual Focus and back for Full Manual Focus–just like on Sony’s EX1 1/2″ camcorder.

The zoom is activated by the rocker control in the camera-right handgrip. For manual zooms or an external zoom unit, a switch below the handgrip disconnects the electric drive.



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8 Responses:

  1. DMW says:

    While, I have not seen nor tested the lens practically my understanding is that it ramps like crazy all the way to a T6.8 from a T3.9. In my opinion thats completely unacceptable!

  2. Jon Fauer says:

    I was wondering that myself until I actually tested the lens on the F3. It’s similar to all the ramping-aperture zooms I’ve used on still cameras–and here’s where the auto exposure actually shines, correcting automatically through a zoom. No, you wouldn’t use this lens to replace your trusty traditional Optimo, Fujinon Premiere, Alura, ZEISS or Cooke CXX zooms. This is a whole new ballgame–a different mind-set. Welcome to the era of 35mm motion picture point and shoot, with imagine stabilization, face detection, and lots of cross-over from the consumer/pro-sumer world.

  3. Krzysztof Godziejewski says:

    Did Sony say anything about the price range?

  4. Anthony Burokas says:

    As an event videographer why has stayed away from large-sensor video because of the frankenrigs required to even get close to the ease of use of a simple camcorder, this one lens tips the scale. It alone offers the ability to easily handle and adapt to unknown situations that preclude the “all manual + costly additions” that still can’t perform a nice, feathery zoom in as the action in front of the camera warrants it.

    Here’s hoping that technology finds its way to the FS100. They can put the zoom rocker on the lens like they do with broadcast video lenses. :)

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  7. thebridgesproductions.com says:

    This lens could be good for daylight. For location interior or studio to compensate 3.8 to 6.9 it’s too much!!!!

  8. Ryan Patrick O'Hara says:

    Sounds like a wonderful documentary or nature photography lens.