PRG Foton Inkie

PRG premiered their new Foton TruColor Light at Cine Gear Expo NY 2011.

Think of it as a cool alternative to the 150 watt Inkie.

It uses “remote phosphor technology” which PRG’s Rich Pearceall explained to me as being like a laser tracing rays on a small CRT-like phosphor screen.

The result is a single source, single shadow, high intensity, dimmable light that provides a nearly continuous light spectrum (CRI better than 95). The light beam is totally cool–no heat–shown above.


PRG’s Foton uses 3 PAR-like reflectors for beam angles of 20, 40, 60 degrees. The 20 degree reflector provides around 400 lux at 10 feet. The Foton also accepts dedolight front accessories (barndoors, etc).

  • Water resistant
  • Dimmable 0-100% (on-board knob and DMX)
  • Flickerfree. Comes in two versions:  12-40 VDC, 30W and 90-305 VAC 50/60 Hz, 30w.
  • Passive cooling–no fan

For more info on Foton, go the Production Resource Group’s (PRG) product page

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