My favorite new product at Cine Gear Expo NYC: ToughGaff gaffers and camera tape holder. It’s one of those great, simple products that will soon be seen everywhere on set. Inexpensive, clever, helpful…ToughGaff is destined to become as famous as the Gaffers Tape it dispenses, and as famous as Gaffers Tape’s inventor, Ross Lowell.ToughGaff was invented by Steadicam Operator Nir Bar.

ToughGaff clips onto your belt. There are two models: 2″ and 1″ for Gaffer and Camera Tape. The tape release with the flick of its spring-loaded lever. No more fumbling with carabiners and straps. This thing is simple and saves time.

Check it out at:

Take a look at their  video demonstrating ToughGaff in spaghetti western style.

Also a demo on how it works.

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