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FDTimes at IBC

Film and Digital Times returns to IBC 2011. Visit us in booth 11.F31, which Transvideo is graciously sharing. It’s next to ARRI, Angenieux, and Dedo Weigert in Hall 11.    


Hurricane Irene Tracking

To track Hurricane Irene: Stormpulse: Stormpulse is used by NASA, the White House Situation Room, Fedex, Carnival Cruise Lines, and should be on every film crew’s list of essential websites. Coming soon to iPad.


Mako, Norbert and GoPro at Indy

Mako Koiwai is one of the first cinematographers to use the new K-Tek Norbert Sport Jr. on a high-profile production. Mako recently chose the newest of the Norbert line for New Wave Entertainment’s production for 3net on the 100th Anniversary of the Indy 500 in 3D. Dedicated readers of FDTimes news will remember Mako’s enlightening article on Mini Cams. This… read more…


3ality Digital acquires Element Technica

3ality Digital, the big 3D production technology company based in Burbank, has acquired Element Technica (ET), the clever company on West Jefferson Blvd long respected for superb machining, lots of CNC machines, accessories, and 3D camera rigs. 3ality Digital is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the US. 3ality Digital is now 3ality Technica. With its acquisition of… read more…

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Mako’s Marvelous Mini Cams

We’ve all seen how digital still cameras that also shoot HD video, such as the Panasonic GH2 or Canon 5D MkII, have made a big impact on projects, large, small and “we’ll pay for lunch.” But there is another group of cameras that are much smaller and have been popping up in all types of surprising places. These are the… read more…


FLICKERfree Calculator App

Larry Barton’s famous laminated blue and purple charts of safe filming speeds have been essential inhabitants of every cinematographer’s meter case forever. The charts told us what camera speed and shutter angles to use with HMI and fluorescent lamps, and when we’d get in trouble with dreaded flicker. We’d line up in front of the Cinematography Electronics booth at every… read more…


Broadcast Asia 2011

Oli Laperal, Jr. filed this report from Broadcast Asia in Singapore, June 21-24, 2011. This year’s Broadcast Asia and Communication Asia Shows saw new expanded locations at Suntec Convention Center and Sands Marina Bay Resort & Casino respectively.   Both ultra modern convention centers surpass current standards, even Las Vegas’. All day conferences included: 3D@home, All about 3D, 3D post, Future… read more…


Andy Romanoff on “Magic Trip”

Note from Jon Fauer. Andy Romanoff has been king of cranes and remote heads, highly respected Panavision Executive VP of Technical Marketing, and is now managing  Industry Relations and Business Development at Abelcine. Andy sent in the following review of “Magic Trip,” directed by Alison Ellwood and Alex Gibney (named by Esquire as “the most important documentarian of our time.”) “Magic… read more…

Dorn Good Fauer Finder

Want a terrific Director’s Finder? You’re three internet clicks away. Ingredients: One Sony NEX-5 digital camera, one MTF Services PL to Sony E Mount Adaptor, and one beautifully designed and machined Viewfinder and bracket from the wonderful folks at iDC Photo Video. Bruce Dorn has been sketching, milling and drilling away, and is now making me blush by calling it… read more…

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How did ZEISS ramp up production to build Compact Prime CP.2 lenses fast enough to meet demand that exceeded wildest predictions? To find out for the IBC issue of FDTimes, coming September 9, we visited Carl Zeiss headquarters in Oberkochen. At left is part of the team that builds Compact Prime CP.2 lenses: Cathrin Früholz, Steffen Proksch, Daniele Vitulano, and Sabrina Schulze. ZEISS… read more…


Finnish Glass

This is not a sensor. It’s the Iittala display of designer drinking glasses on Helsinki’s fashionable Pohjoisesplanadi. No relation to Italy; Iittala is the famous company from a town of the same name 124 km northwest of Helsinki. Premiered in 1937 at the Paris World’s Fair, Alvar Aalto’s vase is an iconic Finnish glass design sold in most modern museum… read more…