One of the things we did not cover in our pre-NAB FDTimes was ALEXA M–an ALEXA whose sensor head is separated from body for more flexible permutations of 3D, 2D, Steadicam, remote and rig shots. On April 11, ARRI announced a cooperative partnership with the CAMERON – PACE Group (CPG) in development of the ALEXA M camera system. Above, left to right: Martin Prillmann, James Cameron, Franz Kraus, Vince Pace.

ARRI and CAMERON – PACE Group (previously “PACE”) worked together on several 3D projects, including THE THREE MUSKETEERS; Martin Scorsese’s HUGO CABRET; Ang Lee’s LIFE OF PI; and 47 RONIN.


ALEXA M uses the same sensor as ALEXA and ALEXA Plus. You’ll be able to power the camera head directly or through a hybrid fiber cable that can tether it up to several hundred feet away. Although not announced, I would guess the head will eventually be able to attach directly to the body.

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  1. SAEED RIZVI says:

    Its great. Arri Alexa M, when it will be in market and what will be its cost. I appericate your information regarding ALEXA. Thanks,. SAEED RIZVI. FILM PRODUCER & DIRECTOR

  2. Rob Stiff Sioux Falls, South Dakota says:

    The Alexa M has a lot of extra value and use options.
    ARRI makes a 65 foot cable that attaches the body to the separate head of the Alexa M. The head is even powered by this cable. Jibs, fluid heads, production gear in general costs less when there is less weight involved. ARRI, Well Done!