Another Camera Leak: Sony >4K

More Film and Digital Leaks. I’ll see your viewfinder and raise you…er…lower the duvetyne drapery a bit more. Sony has authorized a more revealing look, if in outline only, at their next CineAlta Super35 >4K camera. Pre-NAB NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) are serious matters. Promises not to divulge new product information have been scary enough that we considered delivering the NAB paper editions of Film and Digital Times in an armored truck.

Now, it’s clear that “less is more” and “always leave them wanting more” are two concepts every cinematographer knows. Camera manufacturers also know this. Cinematographers, trained in the dark arts of suggestive drapery, will be drawn to a half-sketched camera outline as readily as an Impressionist to a semi clad Odalisque. Revealing revelations of cinematic things to come from ARRI, RED, Sony and others should incite a caravan of cinematographers to start their engines and head to Las Vegas.

Sony will have working prototypes of this new camera at the show, and 4K footage will be screened at 11 am daily. The full story, and pictures, behind the CineAlta >4K camera will be told on April 11 in our NAB Edition, on paper and online at our homepage, top left:


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