More from Sony’s Atsugi Tech Center

This is like an episode of the TV show “Amazing Race.” Rush hour in Tokyo. Racing through Shinagawa station, with three minutes before the “Romance Car” departs.

Sony’s Atsugi Tech Center was established in 1960 for research and development. It’s an hour southwest of Tokyo, near the famous temple of Kamakura. The quick, clean and comfortable “Romance Car” train gets its name from the weekend passengers who take it from Tokyo to the beach resorts, spas and watersports at Enoshima. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji. However, it’s rainy, cold, and we’re not here for romance. A dozen journalists and industry professionals are here to see some more things Sony will unleash at NAB 2011. In advance of the onslaught, here are some notes, comments and clarifications.


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