NXCAMs for Sea, Sand and 3D

Sony’s NXCAM design group has been busy. They showed us 2 addtional new compact camcorders to be shown at NAB. We’ll have to wait until NAB to reveal the real names.

Water, spray and sand resistant NXCAM camcorder

Sailors and sailing coaches around the world will rejoice. This is the first Broadcast and Industrial grade dust-proof, sand-proof, rain-proof and spray-resistant camcorder. I saw the cameras enduring hours of being showered upon and subjected to sand–two of the most dreaded misfortunes, up to now, for any camera.

Now you can shoot from your Zodiac inflatable RIB in spray and rain without a bulky underwater housing or spray bag. Disclaimer: this camera has not been tested yet for salt water, but if you wash it in the shower or under a garden hose (set to spray, not firehose velocity) with fresh water, it should be fine. The camera’s IP54 compliance is similar to the image stabilized binoculars you’re used to using. It is not meant to go underwater.

This camera will also become the darling of the 40 million boaters, fishermen, waterskiers, kayakers and other water enthusiasts who need a camera with high power zoom, excellent image stabilization, and best of all, a good eyepiece with cheek-hugging eyecup to help keep stray light and spray out of  your eyes.

The camera is dust and sand proof, which should be perfect for trips to the beach or expeditions into hostile environments. Anything that opens is sealed with O rings: flip-out mini monitor, battery compart (conveniently beneath the monitor), SD card slot, and all the external connectors. It comes with a detachable XLR handle with 2 XLR audio inputs, audio controls and shogun mike (supplied) holder–same one as the NXCAM 35.The audio module and shotgun mike in the top handle is not waterproof—take it off or wrap it in a plastic bag before heading out to sea or into the Sahara.

This NXCAM is compact and lightweight. Its 96 GB internal memory holds 8.8 hours of continuous recording at 24 Mbps. It has an SD slot. Price: under $3500, shipping between April – June 2011.

NXCAM compact 3D camcorder

It looks similar to the Hostile Environment NXCAM described above, but it shoots 3D and isn’t water-resistant. But the 3D images look good, it’s easy to use, and the 3.5” glasses-free 3D LCD panel is a pleasure to use.

The detachable top handle and audio module with 2 XLR connectors and shotgun mike supplied is, I think, the same one as used on the water resistant NXCAM.

1080 60i, 50i, 24p 3D recording with double full HD. Frame packing or side by side output through HDMI. Price under $3500. Shipping later this summer.


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