March 2011 FDTimes

Film and Digital Times Issue 40 has gone to press — it will be in the mail and online shortly. On the cover: Philippe Parain, President of Angénieux, operating an Eclair Cameflex CM3 and J.P. Beauviala, Head of Aaton, pulling focus. They’re riding a 1961 Oldsmobile Sky Rocket “Voiture Travelling Americaine” at the 2011 AFC Micro Salon.

This “Made in France” edition covers the 115th anniversary of the first Lumière screening in Paris, Angènieux’s 75th anniversary, the Festival of Light in Lyon, Impressionism and the Birth of Cinema, the AFC Micro Salon, Transvideo 3D, Loumasystems and 3D, EMIT, 2-perf 1.78 anamorphic, and much more.

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