3D Stereo Media 2010

Prof Verly

3D Stereo Media, Liège

by Oli Laperal, Jr. The 3D Stereo Media conference was organized primarily by the University of Liège, through the tireless efforts of Prof. Jacques G. Verly, among others. It was held Dec. 8-10, 2010.

Speakers included Mark Schubin, Alain Derobe (Stereographer, Inventor, Filmmaker, Cinematographer), Jacques Delacoux (Transvideo), Mike Karagosian (Consultant), Bernard Mendiburo (Stereographer & writer), Yves Pupulin (Binocle) and  many others. Now in its second year, the conference attracted over 800 international professionals and experts involved in the development and application of 3D technologies for all types of media: cinema, television, mobile phones, and computers.

The program included 50 exhibitors, two days of 3D training, and a 3D film festival.

3D Audience

There was a 3D live feed to the Convention Center from several locations in Liège (Christmas market, “SOS Planet” exhibition, Pôle Image de Liège) and New York City live with Mark Schubin delivering his keynote in 3D via satellite.  P+S Technik 3D rigs, Transvideo 3D monitors & 3D transceivers, as well as Eutelsat & RTBF satellite facilities were shown.

In addition to cinematic applications of stereoscopic 3D, other related topics included bio-medical 3D applications in operating rooms,  marketing, financing, physiology, photonics, multiview, CGI modeling, auto stereoscopy, 2D to 3D conversions, audio systems, satellite transmission,  aerospace engineering, fluid dynamics,  ophthalmology, and much more.

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