Transvideo Launches New Web Site

Transvideo has redesigned their website. After registering, you get full access to all specs, details and prices for their entire range of high-end monitors for film, HD, DSLR, wireless, and 3D. You can even order online. Transvideo mini-monitors have been on-board on all my productions since 1985, because they were, and continue to be, as rugged as the cameras to which they attach, and more rugged than the hostile environments to which they are invariably subjected. Transvideos are famous for being visible in bright daylight or under an 18K; they last forever, and display superb color. The latest generation come in many new sizes, small and large, and have helpful built-in tools: histograms, waveforms, /i data for lens metadata display, exposure readings, 3D calibration, MiMo wireless, and HDMI input. The latest HD wireless models help untether the set, and make wonderful handheld monitors for the entire crew: director, DP, assistant, script supervisor, sound recordist.

Transvideo CineMonitorHD 3DView¬†monitors are de rigeur for many Steadicam and artemis operators and on most 3D productions. They were recently used on “Hugo Cabret” (Martin Scorcese, Bob Richardson, ASC) and on “Pina” (Wim Wenders). Transvideo recently won an AMPAS Sci-Tech Award, a CINEC Award, and many others.These credits and more on the new Transvideo website:

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