Canon 60D Video

One thing is sure: most new cameras have new features you just can’t live without. Canon’s new EOS 60D is a newer, lighter, more affordable variation of the 7D, aimed more toward enthusiasts and students who will appreciate the $600 price reduction and won’t mind a few missing features or slightly less rugged construction. This is a perfect HDSLR camera for any film student.

The best new feature is the swiveling 3-inch monitor, a first on any Canon EOS HDSLR. No longer will you have to dig a hole in the ground to compose those low-angle gecko-in-the-grass POV shots.

Video is simple, and it looks good. The 60D uses the same 18-megapixel image sensor as the 7D and the T2i.

Here are the basic steps to shooting video:

1. Push the dial release button and rotate the Mode Dial to the Movie Camera Icon. The monitor is now Live View.

2. Push the MENU button, and adjust the Movie Exposure setting to MANUAL.

3. Select your image size.

I suggest Movie Rec. Size=1920×1080 at 24p.

4. Sound Recording=Manual

Use an SD card with a minimum Class 6 rating. The higher the number, the faster the data rate.

Set your ISO, shutter speed and aperture. At 24p, I like 1/50th second shutter speed. Focus manually.

To begin recording, push the button with the Red dot and camera icon, located directly above the MENU button. Push the button again to stop.

Click here for a look at Canon’s helpful in-depth video tutorials.

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