Canon 4K Camera

The 4K trail accelerates. Introducting Canon’s small 5.5 lbs, Pixie, er…Vixia size 4K camera. 2/3″ CMOS single sensor. Frame rates above 60 fps. It was working, displaying a crisp and beautiful image on the new 4K Canon monitors. It’s modestly tucked away in a corner. The hairdryer shape and fused 24-480 zoom (35mm equivalent, 20x f1.8-3.8) belie this camera’s potential. I suspect that Canon is working faster than we imagine (after all, the theme of Canon’s Expo 2010 is “we speak image”). This 4K concept camera could be ready to roll on locations and sets worldwide if there’s enough buzz to make it worth their while. With Canon’s considerable resources, it could have an APS-H size sensor, interchangeable mounts for the vast array of Canon still lenses and more. The box on the bottom containing electronics certainly could fit into a motor-drive shaped bottom. The working finder and mini monitor (3 cheers–both remain on all the time) were incredibly sharp, and were very easy to focus. Here’s another game-changer.

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