Focus Optics Ruby 14-24 T2.8

Many of you know Stuart Rabin, who was a lens technician at Clairmont Camera and Panavision before founding his independent lens repair company in Tarzana, Focus Optics.  (

Stuart has completely redesigned the venerable Nikon 14-24 T2.8 zoom, reversed the focus marks so they travel in the “cine direction” we are used to, and put on a PL mount. Minimum focus is 1 ft. Focus travel is 126 degrees and has an anti-backlash spring for focus accuracy. Front diameter: 110 mm. Weight 3 lbs. Length: 138 mm. Price: around $15,000.

We just learned from designers Stuart Rabin and Ken Robings that the Ruby might fit directly onto Canon EOS cameras with a PL to Canon adapter — no PL modification to camera needed. Further testing today. Band Pro is the exclusive worldwide distributor for Ruby lenses.

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