Cooke and Angénieux see /i to /i

Cooke Optics Ltd. and Thales Angénieux will announce a partnership agreement in which Angénieux will incorporate Cooke’s /i Technology into its line of lenses. We’ll hear the complete details at the press conference scheduled for 11am on Monday, April 12 in conference room N242 of the LVCC (North Hall Level 2, up the escalators near the cafeteria and book store).

The idea behind Cooke’s /i Technology is a universal, license-free, open-architecture standard for sharing lens information. Lens data connects via contacts in the lens mount or by cable to any device —  providing focus distance, iris setting, what kind of lens it is, serial number and depth of field for any given setting. This is metadata. And what can you do with all this lens data?” you may ask. Camera assistants get instant and continuous depth of field readout. Stereographers can match lenses easily. Script supervisors get instant information. Special effects teams can track shots continuously. DPs get camera notes. It doesn’t stop there: it’s an open system, camera agnostic. The circuit can be external, and the data can include any other information you’d imagine should be included. For more information on /i Technology, click here.

We’ll report more, with pictures, on this big development. Their booths are close to Film and Digital Times: Cooke Optics is at C5347 and Thales Angénieux is C6037.

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