OConnor Follow Up

Eric Johnston brought over OConnor’s brilliant new Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 for us to test today. OConnor goes where no follow focus has gone before. Lower. It has the lowest clearance of any left-side/right-side studio device. This is essential when using big, fat lenses. The mechanism is silky-smooth.

The same CFF-1 works on both 15mm and 19mm rods–no modifications necessary. The entire top assembly slides left-right to put the focus gear wherever you want. Best of all, the focus knobs clear the camera’s base. When you rest your camera on a Magliner shelf or convenient apple box, the entire weight of camera and lens is not going to rest on the knobs. The knobs are offset, infinitely and eccentrically adjustable, and can be ordered in sculptural wood. All these fine touches and helpful details on the CFF-1 are the first in new line of OConnor accessories.

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