Ron Dexter Award to MBF Filmtechnik

For being first with a PL to Canon EOS Lens Adapter, Matthias Uhlig and MBF Filmtechnik Hamburg won the FDTimes Ron Dexter Award. The award was inspired by Director/Cinematographer/Inventor Ron Dexter, ASC, who never met a piece of camera equipment he couldn’t make better, and was famous for making some of the first video assists by hacking brand-new lenses and cameras apart with his bandsaw. The prize for MBF is in the mail: the recent book “Guys and Garages,” by Helena Day Breese, with a picture of Ron Dexter on the cover. Ron has had a long fascination with mechanics, retrofits, cars and garages. His famous production company, The Dxtrs, was located in a huge Hollywood garage — not a home garage, but a gigantic car-dealership service center type garage. You can order the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Bookstores near you. For a graduate degree on Dexter’s Tricks, go to his superb website, where he shares some of the best how-to’s in the business.

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