Blixt Camera Rental Theft

Some people pretending they were on a film training course at The Danish Film Institute rented equipment from Blixt Camera ( in Copenhagen, Denmark using ID that had been stolen from the rightful ID owner six months earlier. The following camera equipment was taken from Blixt Camera Rental on December 1, 2009 and never returned. If anyone sees the serial numbers below, please contact Bjorn Blixt.

The six Zeiss Master Primes (18, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100mm) were packed in Blixt´s blue & yellow flight cases.

Zeiss Master Prime 18mm – serial number 8930511

Zeiss Master Prime 25mm – s/n 8931251

Zeiss Master Prime 35mm – s/n 8931873

Zeiss Master Prime 50mm – s/n  8930435

Zeiss Master Prime 75mm – s/n 8931306

Zeiss Master Prime 100mm – s/n 8931888

Arri WLCS lens control system: WMU 1 Wireless Main Unit s/n 5051; WFU 1 Wireless Focus Iris Unit s/n 5077; UMC 1 Universal Motor Controller s/n 0271; CLM 1 motor for Arri WLCS s/n 1437

Accessories (batteries, charger, focus discs, cables)

Arri Follow Focus 3 s/n 1180,  packed in a blue & yellow Blixt flight case.

Arri WLCS was packed in a black Waterproof Pelican style case.

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