Cine Gear

Film and Digital Times will be in Booth #100 at Cine Gear, conveniently next to the food court. Stop by and pick up a complimentary copy of the latest issue. Also, visit the ASC Store, where you can place an advanced order for the new paperback edition of “Cinematographer Style Volume II.” ASC Store will also have the new Collectors’ Edition of the Cinematographer Style DVD.

Here’s a recent review from Cineaste, by John Calhoun: “Belying what many think of as the technical orientation of their job, cinematographers can be remarkably loquacious. That’s one insight in store for viewers of Jon Fauer’s Cinematographer Style, an artfully edited documentary made up of interviews with 110 prominent practitioners of the craft. Notably absent from the line-up are obvious gear heads; these are men and women more interested in discussing the esthetics and emotional content of light, composition, movement, and color—in other words, the building blocks of the film image. Forget directors, actors, and screenwriters: on the basis of this documentary, nobody talks as passionately or poetically about the art of film as cinematographers.” See the full review on Cineaste’s website.

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