Microsalon Italia 2016


MICROSALON Italia 2016. Rome, March 19. By Jacques Lipkau Goyard – The fourth edition of Microsalon Italia took place March 18th and 19th, held in the oldest film school in Western Europe and one of the most important movie archives in the world: the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” – the Experimental Cinematography Center. Slideshow of Images…. read more…


NAB Free Exhibit Pass from FDTimes


Film and Digital Times will be in the usual location at NAB — Central Hall: Booth C10206. Get a free exhibit pass courtesy of FDTimes: Go to NABShow.com/register and use this code: LV5724    

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Sony α6300 Camera and G Master Lenses


Sony Electronics invited 32 members of the press to Miami, Florida. The reason was to try out the new Sony α6300 E-mount APS-C format camera along with 2 new Sony G Master E-mount full frame lenses, 85mm f/1.4 and the 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom. read more…

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Cooke Anamorphics with “Flair” at CamTec


CamTec is one of those rental houses with a love of tweaking and experimenting on cameras and lenses—like many of their DP customers with similar symptoms of Retrofit Syndrome. CamTec’s  workshop benches, adjacent to their busy rental checkout area, are… read more…

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SONY at 25 Madison Avenue


Sony Corporation of America has moved South—from 550 Madison Avenue to 25 Madison Ave. Today marked the first press conference held at Sony’s new New York HQ. It was a pre-NAB briefing, with lots of announcements not to be revealed until… read more…

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Foolcontrol RED from Apple Watch


FOOLCONTROL inventor and DP Mikael Lubtchansky has come up with a way to control WiFi enabled RED cameras with an Apple Watch connected to iPhone or iPad. Foolcontrol iOS(downloadable from Apple Store) lets you record and play back. It also comes with an impressive set of  camera controls, tools, looks, curves, slate info, metadata, lens and menu navigation. It also works as focus/iris control for lenses with internal servos (Canon EF). read more…

Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder


Sony Headquarters, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Sony F5 and F55 get a new onboard RAW Recorder: AXS-R7. It attaches to the camera the same way as the previous model, AXS-R5, with an additional metal top plate to add stability. There are two slots… read more…

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Decoated NAC ZEISS Super Speeds


NAC Inc Rentals in Tokyo is busy removing the anti-reflection coatings of front and rear elements on some of their ZEISS Super Speed lenses. The result is a nice, less contrasty, flare-ier, flairy, look. Careful–without the coatings the elements scratch easily.

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Sony Thailand Lens & Camera Factory


Chonburi. An hour south of Bangkok. Sony’s a7 Series cameras, e-mount lenses, and the new G Master lenses are assembled in this massive, high-tech factory. Full report coming in NAB April FDTimes.


ZEISS at CP+ Yokohama Japan


ZEISS Team at CP+ in Yokohama — the largest Photo Show in Japan. ZEISS is showing the entire product lines of Touit, Batis and Loxia lenses for mirrorless cameras, Milvus SLR lenses,  Compact Primes, Compact Zooms and binoculars. And handing out Film and Digital Times. read more…

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March of the Penguins — Part III — Costa Rica


The day after the ASC Awards, Steve Turner and I (photographed by Tobias Keuthen) made our way through Tapanti Rainforest, an hour away from Cartago, Costa Rica, and the high tech Vitec OConnor – Sachtler factory. When I heard Costa Rica, I thought eco-tourism, hiking, surfing, volcanos, rainforests and coffee. Little did I know that this country, which ranks 1st in the world for sustainable tourism, is also home to many high tech companies like Intel, HP, Glaxo, Baxter, and of course, Vitec. read more…

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March of the Penguins, Part II — ASC After-Party


Two years ago, I visited Steve Turner, Product Manager of OConnor, at Vitec’s Bury St Edmunds Factory. “One day, you should visit our plant in Costa Rica,” he said. So, here we are, two years later, at an ungodly early morning hour, as we staggered out of the ASC Awards After-Party (above) and headed for an Air Alaska Flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. That story comes next. read more…

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The 2016 ASC Awards – Updated

Matty Libatique, ASC bounce-card Jamie Lee Curtis

Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC; Vanja Cernjul, ASC, HFS; Pierre Gill, CSC; Adam Arkapaw, ACS; and Mátyás Erdély, HSC won in the four competitive categories at the 30th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards for Outstanding Achievement. John Toll, ASC got lifetime achievement award, Lowell Peterson got Career Achievement in TV, Ridley Scott got Board of Governors Award, and Bill Bennett, ASC received ASC Presidents Award. read more…


March of the Penguins, Part I – Sci-Techs


At the Oscar Sci-Tech Awards on Feb 13, Michael John Keesling was recognized “for the design and development of Image Shaker, an optical system that convincingly creates the illusion of the camera shaking in a variable and repeatable manner. Invented twenty… read more…

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Panasonic VariCam LT


Panasonic launched the VariCam LT  — LT as in Lite (Bud Lite, Arricam LT…) It’s a lighter, smaller, lower-priced version of the VariCam 35. Same 4K sensor, same dual native 800/5000 ISO, smaller body. It looks like Mr. Miyagi’s Panasonic team, with Taka Mitsui and Barry Russo and many others, came up with a very appealing camera. The Panasonic VariCam LT (official model number AU-V35LT1G) weighs about 6 lb. It will be at home on Steadicams, rigs, gimbals, drones, cranes, remote heads, handheld or shoulder-resting. It could be an indie A camera or big budget B camera. Actually, with cameras multiplying on big shows, I can imagine it being part of an arsenal of 10-20 cameras ready to roll. read more…

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VariCam LT LA Launch


Last night we joined hundreds of industry professionals at the Directors Guild of America LA building for a well-run presentation of the VariCam LT. After a nice sizzle reel of VariCam 35 projects and testimonials from filmmakers, Mr. Miyagi, Director of Panasonic’s Professional Video Business Unit,  unveiled the new camera with unmistakable enthusiasm. read more…

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Sony a6300 APS-C


  Feb 3, 2016. New York. Sony introduced a new APS-C size mirrorless e-mount still / UHD video camera:  the α6300. It shares the same e-mount as the full frame α7 — flange depth of 18mm. 24.2 MP APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)… read more…

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Fujinon Moves to Cypress, CA


If you’ve been going to Redondo Beach for Fujinon lens service for the past 21 years, it’s time to reprogram your GPS. Fujinon’s Western Service and Sales facility is moving to a big, new Fujifilm location in Cypress, CA beginning Feb… read more…

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark II


Canon’s new EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR was introduced on February 1. It’s a Full Frame 35mm (24x36mm) high-end professional still camera that also shoots 4K video. This is the camera that will be seen, and used, during the election season, at the summer Olympic games, and wherever  flagship Canon DSLRs tend to go. read more…

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Ed Lachman ASC on Super 16mm “Carol”


Rarely has a film looked as beautiful as “Carol,” especially a film shot in Super 16mm. A lot of stars aligned. Todd Haynes directed. Ed Lachman, ASC was the cinematographer, with breathtaking lighting, moving camera, motivated reflections, mirrors, flares, streaks and muted colors. There was a confluence of excellent choices: among them, Cooke vintage lenses, Kodak Vision3 16mm film, Arriscan, and two great actresses, gorgeously glowing in muted lightread more…

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