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Best Unexpected Product of NAB

Sometimes the most unexpected thing pops up at NAB, and success surprises even its own manufacturer. True Lens Services rolled out a newly re-housed Cooke Series 1 to go with their updated cam-focus PL mount rehoused Panchro series 2 and 3 lenses. But the buzz was also all about their new PL rear lens caps in clear polycarbonate and an… read more…

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Cooke Series II & III Revived

Give them your tired, your poor, your old Cooke Series II and III Panchros yearning to be breathing free. If you’re looking for a vintage Cooke Series II and III Panchro look, here’s the real deal. Colin Sanders (right) and Keith Truslove (left) of True Lens Services showed the entire set at NAB of their skillful rejuvenation. Send them your… read more…

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