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Microsalon Italia 2016 by Tony Costa

Tony Costa, AIP sent this report and slideshow about his view of Microsalon Italia. Tony is a cinematographer who lives in Portugal and manages the Imago website. Microsalon Italia 2016 The fourth edition of Microsalon Italia was an absolute success. By evaluating it from the point of view of the number of attendees who packed the house on Saturday from morning to close,… read more…

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Microsalon Italia 2016

MICROSALON Italia 2016. Rome, March 19. By Jacques Lipkau Goyard – The fourth edition of Microsalon Italia took place March 18th and 19th, held in the oldest film school in Western Europe and one of the most important movie archives in the world: the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” – the Experimental Cinematography Center. Slideshow of Images…. read more…