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Cooke Varotal Zoom Lens History

1932. Cooke Varo 40-120mm Variable Focal (Zoom) Lens

Cooke introduced new Varotal/i FF Full Frame zoom lenses in 2021 and 2022: 30-95 mm T2.9,  85-215 mm T2.9, and 19-40 mm T2.9. Here’s a brief history of earlier Cooke Varotal Zooms from Arthur Warmisham’s first commercially manufactured variable focal (zoom) lens for cinematography (Cooke Varo 40-120mm cine lens for 35mm format), assembled and sold by Bell & Howell. In 1971, Cooke introduced their Varotal 20-100mm, f2.8 / T3.1 Zoom. read more…

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