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Canon 4 Million ISO Full-Frame Video

C-Impossible. Canon’s current catchphrase is “See Impossible.” Canon’s new ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera could be called “C-Impossible” — a companion to the C300/100/500 for low-light, no-light, and night cinematography. It fulfills Canon Managing Director Mr. Maeda’s vision of filming a black crow on a moonless night. With a sensitivity equivalent to more than 4 Million ISO –the C-Impossible shoots Full HD 1080p video with 3G HD-SDI and HDMI connectors for external recording.  It has a full frame 20×36 mm CMOS sensor with 2.26 million pixels. Each pixel is 19 microns. (Current Cine cameras have pixels ranging from 3 to 8 microns. Nikon D810 =4. 88 μm, Sony a7S=8.4 μm, and Canon EOS-1D X=6.94 μm.) read more…

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