Wooden Camera AKS for Sony BURANO

It didn’t take long for Wooden Camera to come up with AKS (Accessories) for Sony BURANO. The Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for Sony BURANO make the camera even better and more fun to work with.

The EVF System is my favorite addition–providing solid, swiveling, quick-release ability for the Sony monitor/viewfinder to work traditionally on the camera-left side AND to attach as a menu on the camera right side. The D-Box and B-Box add lots of power ports that are missing on the camera.

Many of the  the accessories will be familiar to users of Wooden Camera’s VENICE 2 collection.

“We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to get a head start on designing the accessories for BURANO, and based on our work for VENICE 2 we had an idea of what was needed for this system,” said Dominick Aiello, Sr. Director of Accessories. “We focused our attention on opening up the mounting options for the EVF and expanding the power distribution, which we believe will unlock the BURANO for any cinematography application.”

EVF System

The EVF System uses the Universal 15mm Rod Clamp and offers a flexible way of mounting the BURANO monitor/finder. A Swivel Clamp rotates 360 degrees.  Push-button safeties keep the EVF from drooping and there’s a quick-release.

This is my vote for best BURANO Elite Accessory: a bracket to put the BURANO Monitor/EVF on the camera right side. This adds VENICE-style menu access where it belongs. It also frees up the camera left side for a bigger, brighter, sharper SmallHD 7-inch monitor like the Cine7.

Power Outlets

The D-Box (at rear) and B-Box (camera right top rear)add power distribution options to the BURANO. The D-Boxadds 12V 2-pin and 3-pin 24V outlets and a D-tap port. It also lets you choose between a Gold Mount or V-Mount for your on-board battery. The B-Box adds two 2-pin 12V outlets and a 3-pin 24V outlet with RS Start/Stop.

Top Plate and Base Plate


The Top Plate System adds many ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points.  It lets you add a Front Dual Rod Clamp for 15mm rods on top. Additionally, with the ⅜”-16 mounting point, users can add the EVF System directly to the Top Plate. The Top Plate also has mounting locations for the original Sony BURANO top handle.






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