ARRI Camera Control Monitor CCM-1

ARRI Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 with familiar Page OS Live View and Interactive Status Display.

If you have an ARRI ALEXA 35 or Mini LF, then an industry-standard SmallHD Cine 7 Monitor was probably perched on top. But you yearned for dedicated ARRI features and camera control.

Now you can. ARRI and SmallHD partnered to develop the new 7-inch CCM-1 (Camera Control Monitor).

The CCM-1 provides a pristine image on a much larger display than the MVF-2 viewfinder. It also gains access to all camera menus and settings, making it a legitimate alternative for full camera control. You can select and control things by touching the touchscreen or by using the joystick and navigation buttons.

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080.
• Pixel Density: 322 ppi.
• Power Input: 10 – 34 V DC via cable.
• Display: Touchscreen TFT LCD with LED backlight.
• Active Screen Size: 5.94 x 3.7″ / 151.2 x 94.5 mm.
• Overall Dims: 7.36 x 4.72 x 1.14″ / 187 x 120 x 29 mm.
• Brightness: up to 1300 nits.
• Menu button and 4 user buttons on left side.
• Power, joystick, back button and lock slider on back side.
• Color space: DCI-P3 and Rec. 709.
• Weight: 1.31 lb / 594 g.
• Connectors: VF, 3-pin Fisher PWR, 3G-SDI BNC IN, 3G-SDI, BNC IN/OUT, Headphone 3.5mm port, USB 5-pin (to control ALEXA Mini LF via Ethernet Adapter), USB-C (to load firmware updates, look files or to export framegrabs.
• ARRI 1/4-20 Pin Lock—on top, bottom, rear, and right side.

Here are several connection scenarios.

1. The CCM-1 connects directly to the camera’s VF port. This is the same connector where you’d normally plug in the MVF-2 viewfinder. One single VF cable can deliver power, video, audio and control commands, up to 100 nits—useful as a menu or for viewing in dark places.

2. If you want both the MVF-2 and a CCM-1 on board an ALEXA 35, the MVF-2 plugs into the VF 1 port on the front left of the camera. Then, run a second VF cable from the VF port of the CCM-1 to the VF 2 port at the right rear of the camera. Power the CCM-1 from a 12V or 24V accessory port on the camera to the monitor’s PWR IN port—and you’ll get a dazzling 1300 nit image. (This requires upcoming ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.1.)

3. The ALEXA Mini LF only has one VF port. To run both the MVF-2 viewfinder and the CCM-1, the CCM-1 can be connected to the camera’s SDI output as a standard SDI monitor, with an added Ethernet cable for camera control.

4. For cranes, car rigs and remote heads, CCM-1 can be tethered with a 33′ (10m) VF cable.

The CCM-1 housing is machined from aluminum, with two replaceable pin-lock inserts.

It works in two familiar ways: ARRI style or SmallHD Page OS mode. ARRI style has a home screen familiar to users of ALEXA cameras, with a menu that’s identical to that of the MVF-2. The same status overlays appear around your live image, but now they are interactive, so that you can change your FPS, Shutter Angle, EI, Internal FSND and WB while seeing the effect that they have on your picture. The PageOS user interface is similar to most SmallHD monitors. Its ever-popular page-swiping paradigm shows a live view of the scene along with user-designated overlays.

There are 4 user buttons to summon up your favorite settings. The lock slider disables the touchscreen and all buttons, preventing calamities on set.

A playback screen is available via the menu or assigned as a user button. The clip list on the playback screen shows metadata.

Everyone’s favorite is the CCM-1 sun shade (official name is sun hood). It attaches to the CCM-1 without any tools, clips or Velcro. Its top and side flaps fold flat over the screen and are held open with magnets. A matte black microfiber fabric on the inside prevents reflections. It also protects the CCM-1 display when folded flat and protects the screen if unceremoniously (gasp) thrown into a ditty bag. Of course, the CCM-1 has been lovingly placed inside the zippered neoprene pouch that comes with it.

A two-axis MAC-1 monitor bracket is included with the CCM-1. Many monitor brackets droop off level. Not this one. It tilts forward – backward without listing off-horizon when mounted on top of the camera. It has an adjustable friction knob for one-handed repositioning and inserts for different mounting standards.

Alternatively, the new Viewfinder Adapter VFA-4 can be attached with the same mechanism as the MVF-2, and swung in and out like a large flip-out display.

The CCM-1 is shipping now. It pairs with ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2 and ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 software update packages.


CCM-1 comes with:

  • Foldable Sun Shade
  • Screen Protector
  • Zippered Storage Pouch
  • MAC-1 Monitor Bracket
  • VF Cable 1.5 ft / 0.5 m
  • RS 3-pin Fischer Power Cable 1.6 ft / 0.5 m

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