MYT Works Opti-Glide Compact

Opti-Glide Compact from MYT Works

A portable camera checkout system

MYT Works will travel from Brooklyn to Battersea and BSC Expo on Feb 24-25 to present their  newest product.

The Opti-Glide Compact is the latest evolution of their popular Opti-Glide which is used in many rental houses worldwide. The Compact model has the same features as its predecessor but has more customization options at a much more affordable price.

2 Original Opti-Glide bays at BECINE in Los Angeles.

Opti-Glide is a camera checkout bay system that elegantly moves focus chart relative to the camera. A large, repeatable readout tells you, for example, that the chart is 6’6″ from the camera’s image plane. Hopefully your lens also focuses at 6’6″.

Opti-Glide is accurate, repeatable, reliable and steady. It speeds up the process of checking lens focus marks.  You can move the focus chart target with a Handwheel Drive System (hand­ crank), and/or motorized with a keyboard and presets. Opti-Glide includes a Calibration­ Free Encoder and Real-time Digital Distance Readout that is accurate to a fraction of a millimeter.

The Opti-Glide Compact includes the same transport features as the original Opti-Glide, but now has even more customizable options.

Whereas the original Opti-Glide had to be mounted on the ceiling and underslung, the OG Compact comes in three different models that are distinguished by their mounting method:

  • ModelU1 (Underslung)
  • Model G1 (Grounded)
  • Model Fl (Freestanding)

U1 Mounted to the ceiling. Focus chart is underslung.

1.    Model Ul (above) is mounted on the ceiling in the same way as the original Opti-Glide but with a much simpler installation process in regard to both time and cost. The focus chart is underslung. (The Original Opti-Glide was usually installed by Etienne Sauret, owner of MYT Works, Bård, and the MYT Works team, especially Ryan Zhang.)

Opti-Glide Compact G1 — mounted on the floor. It could also be supported by tripods.

2.    Model Gl is grounded–secured to the ground with base flanges. This benefits those who plan to use the system in a space where mounting on the ceiling is not an option. Installation can be completed within a couple of hours.

F1 with “Baby Feet” that sits on floor.

3.    Model F 1 is the most flexible model. It can be mounted almost anywhere you desire — on a set of tripods, a table, on the ground or an apple box—essentially on any level surface. This presents the ability to perform a camera checkout in nearly any setting at almost any height—a hotel room on location or inside a camera truck.

Before, the only option was to have a static camera with a sliding chart. Now, all three OG Compact models let you have a static chart with a sliding camera, or a static camera with a sliding chart. And so, a camera pedestal is no longer required. Of course, the pedestal is still available to mount the camera, so you have many ways to move either camera or chart.

F1 resting on floor with “baby feet” and 3′ extension. Motor drive.

Each model of the OG Compact comes in 6, 8, 10 or 12-ft lengths with an optional 3′ extension accessory available.

U1 with extension.

These shorter lengths offer better maneuverability and same-day installation. The OG Compact’s smaller footprint allows boutique rental houses, studios, and camera technicians to have a top-of-the-line camera checkout system that saves space, time and cost.

MYT Works was “born out of frustration” by former DP and opto-mechanical genius Etienne Sauret. Chad Kagan is the head engineer. Etienne will present two Opti-Glide Compacts in two configurations in the CVP mezzanine area at BSC Expo.

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