Otto Nemenz gets 37-102 Ultra Compact


Faster than you can say, “Otto Nemenz,” or Clément Mondésert, this just in. Band Pro delivered one of the first Angénieux Optimo Ultra Compact 37-102 Full Frame Zoom lenses in the Americas to Otto Nemenz International yesterday. Above, left right: Amnon Band, Alex Wengert, Otto Nemenz with 37-102, Dan Lopez, Fritz Heinzle.

Above: Otto Nemenz and Amnon Band in the ONI prep/checkout area with PAT-ACC EXA lens test chart magnetically attached to the wall.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper ONI delivery without a good grilling on the lens projector:

Otto Nemenz said, “We tested the 37-102 and liked it a lot. We look forward to sending it out on productions right away. I like the size, weight and superb optical quality.”

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