Easyrig’s new STABIL Light

Eirik Heim with Easyrig Stabil on location in Senja, Norway. ALEXA Mini 2.6 kg + Canon prime ~ 590 g + batteries and accessories = total ~ 2 kg.


Easyrig’s new STABIL Light is a spring-loaded arm that smooths your moves while working with an Easyrig Minimax. 

It supports cameras and gimbals from 2 to 7 kg. This includes many of the newer, lighter, smaller packages: ALEXA Mini, Mini LF; Sony FX6, FX9; Canon C300, C599; RED V-RAPTOR, KOMODO; DJI Ronin 4D, etc.  

What’s an Easyrig Minimax? In the photo above, Minimax is the vest and backpack with shock absorber that supports your camera weightlessly from a fixed bracket overhead. STABIL Light is the accessory L-shaped, spring-adjustable overhead support that replaces Minimax’s rigid arm. 

With Minimax alone, the camera would move up and down as you walk or run. With Minimax + STABIL Light, up and down movement is absorbed. So, when the script calls for the camera to follow the good guys chasing the bad guys along a narrow path through a dense forest, Minimax + STABIL Light + gimbal + camera will glide you smoothly through the scene.

Quick review:

STABIL Light + Minimax take payloads of 2 7 kg (4.4-15.4 lb). 

STABIL Light is indeed lighter and more agile than its older sibling, STABIL G2.

Big brother STABIL G2 with Easyrig Cinema 3 can support camera packages of 5 – 25 kg (11 – 55 lb).

STABIL G2 with Easyrig Vario 5 supports 5-17 kg (11-38 lb). 

Take a look at the STABIL Light video: youtu.be/Xay7UnCnfDA

Easyrig founder Johan Hellsten chases cross country skiers smoothly on foot.

David Paul in New Zealand shows how you can remove the bounce of footsteps with a lightweight Ronin RS/SC style gimbal and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. 

UK DP Sam Wordsworth shows how to adjust STABIL Light’s up and down movement with its tension knob so the Minimax’s string does not lengthen or shorten when you walk or run.  

The STABIL Light arm can be locked in a 90 degree position and it folds quickly for easy transport. 

Available now from Easyrig and Easyrig resellers worldwide: easyrig.se/contacts/ 

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