SIGMA fp Update 3.00. Framelines! EVF!

SIGMA fp as DP / Director’s Finder

Unlimited Frame Lines, EVF, and lots more.


Faster than you can say fp Firmware Update 3.00, this free download brings many of SIGMA’s new fp L camera features to the fp camera.

Best of all, Version 3.00 lets you use the essential accessory SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 on the fp. And it add custom framelines and aspect ratios.

The EVF is modular and screws onto the camera’s left side. It’s makes the fp a great DP / Director’s Finder.


Slide switch for EVF finder or LCD rear screen viewing.


Update 3.00 also provides the fp with the same user-defined frame lines and aspect ratios as the fp L. A simple menu screen beckons to enter any ratio and image size you want.

Above: Direct numerical entry of any aspect ratio. It works in familiar film-style ratios of xx.yy : 1 as well as whole numbers like 22:8 which is almost 2.76:1 Ultra Panavision 70, as in “Ben-Hur” and “The Hateful Eight.”


You can also enter aspect ratio defined by actual sensor area in mm.
In this example, above, we want to use the fp finder to scout a scene to be shot with an ALEXA SXT with an aspect ratio of 2:1. We know that the ALEXA’s sensor is 28.25 mm wide and the height will therefore be 14.13 mm.


View on the rear monitor screen, above, or in the EVF, below. As mentioned, the EVF is removable.

Screenshot. (Below) Simultaneously press the Display Button (second button from the left at the bottom) and the OK Button (inside the rear dial) to grab a screenshot of the fp camera’s LCD screen as a visual reference of the image and all the visible text parameters. This includes metadata as text, for example: timecode, fps, shutter angle, aperture, ISO, color temperature. All cameras should have this: instantly gratifying visual metadata.

Screenshots are saved as low-rez 1024 x 682 reference jpegs to the internal SD card. The file structure might look this this: DCIM > 100SIGMA folder> SS_0041.JPG. 

Screenshot in CINE mode with 28-70mm zoom at 70mm.

• Save and share custom camera settings as a QR code image. This QR code makes it easy to save, share and load custom settings.

• 24p recording. The fp L can now record in actual 24p as well as 23.98p.

•  New Color Modes “Powder Blue” and “Duotone”.
•  Adds “Automatic switch to the LCD monitor display” function so you can preview images and operate the menu on the camera’s LCD monitor while using the View button, MENU button and QS button etc., even when using the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 with the monitor selector set to [EVF].
•  Adds “Quick Focus Frame Shift” function so users are able to use the Rear Dial’s direction buttons to directly move the focus frame.
•  Adds “Custom Buttons” functions for users to be able to assign desired functions such as “Exposure Compensation” and “Depth of Field Preview” to the AEL button, Rear Dial (direction button), Tone Control button, Color Mode button and MODE (Shooting Mode) button.
•  Adds “LCD Off Mode” to the Display Mode settings so the LCD monitor turns off during shooting or when the camera is not in operation.
• Enables users to move the focus frame even when the image is enlarged during shooting in AF or MF.
• Adds “KOMODO 6K” in the Director’s Viewfinder mode.
•  Changes the specification to enable users to adjust the “Color Temperature” setting in “White balance” in custom 50K increments.
• Improves AF operation to achieve better accuracy, stability and followability.
•  Enhances the “Flicker Control” function.
• Improves the image quality of JPEG files.
• Additional improvements.


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